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Skywriting -- Feb 19, 1998
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Continued from Feb 18, 1998

And then he got hit by a subway. What? Were you expecting oh, say, maybe a STREETCAR??????

Actually, with the way this story's been going, yes! So John got hit by a subway. Undaunted, he got up, walked it off, and went to go get some brandy.

Then he got hit by a streetcar. Paul jumped out of the drivers seat and stuck his tounge out at John.

but then john hit paul and paul went flying out of the car into a flaming pie. "THAT'S FOR PUTTING THOSE *&#$@!#* STREETCARS IN MY STORY!!" he yelled to the now scared paulie. John swung by George's house to pick him up. George came in the car, and John and him talked. "So what do you want to do today, John?" asked George. "Let's get Ringo and go to that new club!"

"Yeah!" agreed George. "I heard that that great new band ORGANIZED CHAOS is playing! They rock!"

John hung back stubbornly. "I don't wanna see a band." The others whispered amongst themselves. "He's drunk, can see that.." "Yeah know what happens.." Paul seized control of himself. "NO. He is not ruining this evening, thank you..." And so a reluctant John was dragged into the Bag O'Nails.

Playing at the Bag O'Nails was that great band Organized Chaos. George was pumped. They were his favorite band. He even has an Organized Chaos T-Shirt that he wears to bed every night.

George rushed the stage and begged the band to let him play with him. So George went on stage and took Mike's guitar and they played their current hit single "Natalie". George was thrilled.

Then he got hit by a streetcar.

"Awwww, damn it!" complained George. "Not another damn streetcar! I was having fun!"

Ah, but every idiot knows that Hendrix played the Bag O'Nails. Not that Macca cared. He just jabbered away to the bird next to him. Endlessly. As hard as John tried to hear the music, he only heard Paul's voice droning on. "...well, we could go back to the flat and..." the girl raised her eyebrows but nodded her assent. John felt his teeth grating together. Count to ten, then get mad. one. two. nine, ten. He belted Macca across the mouth. "Shirrup." Paul gingerly felt his throbbing jaw. "He hit me!"

"you sure are quick arent ya Paulie" yelled George from the stage.

"He HIT me!" Paul repeated, astounded. John was seething. He'd only hit him to shut him up. It seemed he'd only made the situation worse.

"GOD!!!!! This band SUCKS!" Said Paul. "HELL I KNOW!" John commented. "They sound like a combination of bad 80's music and the Beach Boys!!" "No, oh wait...that was YOUR band that sounded like that! What were you ON, man? JET! WOOOHOOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOOHOO! JET! That SUCKED, man!

"DAH!!" exclaimed the lead singer. "We do not!" George cheered in agreement. The bouncer threw Paul and John out into the street where they were hit by several streetcars.

Continued on Feb 20, 1998

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