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Skywriting -- Feb 16, 1998
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Continued from Feb 15, 1998

yoko leaned to hug julian but he jerked away, "you are not my mommy!!!" he shrieked. john sat up and put julian on his lap. "now, julian, listen to me, this lady is your new mommy." john looked over at yoko. she smiled which made julian cry. " she isn't. she is a big gorilla!!!!" with that he darted out of his arms and ran into his room. yoko started to cry. "im not a giant monkey." with that she ran out the door, john chased her into the street where he turned to see a street car coming right for her. he couldnt bear to look, then he heard the scream. he put his head down "yoko......."

"watch out for streetcars! everyone seems to get hit by them in this story!" Yoko hovered above the car, like she was floating. "wow!" said john, "she's as cosmic as she thinks she is!" Then yoko flew at john and twatted him in the nuts.

"oi!" John fell to the ground in pain, but got up agian when he saw the picture that Julian had left for him. At the top it said "Lucy in the sky... with diamonds". He sat up and looked again. Paul had magically appeared out of nowhere! "Hey Paul, look at what Julian drew, its very poetic and musical don't ya' think?" "what ever Lennon. I'm a little confused right know, I'v been in spaceships, pink clouds, and on Jupiter. I've also been hit by streetcars numerous times!" said paul in a somewhat dazed voice. "so thats what happened to all my acid." John murmered.

Paul, once again, didn't answer. He was in a somewhere else land. Like an old B&W picture, hidden in someone's wardrobe. "If a face can launch a thousand ships, then where am I to go? There's no-one home but you, you're all that's left me too.", he muttered. John just looked straight. "What the hell?"

Paul kept on muttering that song, that nobody had recognised. "Where are you, Paul?", John dared to ask. "Wish I knew, wish I knew. It's all grey and strange..." "You could at least have some techincolor trip. Wish I could join you," Then he got hit by a streetcar.

"DAMN STREETCARS!" exclaimed John as he picked himself up off the floor.

When he stood up, he noticed that Paul was gone. Well, actually he didn't really leave. He just got invisible.

Many streetcars started coming. zipping though the streets, so fast that you only saw a blur of colour. John was confused. Was this real or.. a bad trip?

He could hear someone shouting, like a thousand miles away. "John Winston Lennon, WAKE UP!" He just had time to mutter. "I am going, aunt Mimi, I am going...just five minutes...** Man what a nightmare I had!** "

only it wasn't aunt mimi, it was yoko. he opened his eyes just a little bit to see her clutching him, her shirt stained red, screaming, "wake up, wake up!! you can't leave me and sean alone!!!"

He couldn't keep his eyes open. Something stronger than his were making his close his eyes. Some whispered word came thru his head. "Now we're one again, my son." Julia? Is it you, mother? What's going on? "It's your time of dusk"

"I am not going to die like this, mom. Not here and not now... I can't leave Yoko alone, for God's sake...please tell me this is only a nightmare...."

He couldn't breathe, let alone tell her it would be alright. He let his head fall sleepily- his neck didn't feel strong enough to keep it up. Damn, the stones beneath him were cold...he just kept feeling colder. He could hear the streetcars passing by, even though it was so late. "Please don't wear red tonight..Scarlet were the clothes she wore..." He could see little flashes of light. Christmas lights...tyres on wet pavement...God..Mama, don't go....

Then he got hit by a streetcar.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed John. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!!"

Then he got hit by a streetcar.


Yes, our Johnny was hopping mad. Someone had to do something about these streetcars.

So a rally was organized. John was the star speaker. He was just stepping up to the podium when... he was hit by another streetcar. he jumped up and yelled, "you see what i mean? we've got to get rid of these bloody things!!" everyone agreed, and the queen herself, who was in attendance and happened to have been hit by streetcars too many times to count, made a decree that there would never ever be anymore streetcars ever. and there was much rejoicing *yay!* But then they were all hit by streetcars.

"Ban the streetcar" he said, soon regreting his words. HAd there never been a streetcar, would he have been the same tormented soul as we know and love? Our hero thought not.

A streetcar came racing by just then. "Yow!" John moved to avoid it. Then he noticed something strange. Sitting on the back was...

Paul and the rest of the Quarrymen. "Come on, Lennon, we're late...." "Run Johnny!" John looked to see Macca beckoning him forward. "Faster, Johnny! Or we'll play without ya" John broke into a dash. Damn...McCartney wasn't lying...He couldn't run fast enough, though...he'd never catch up.

Somehow, he caught a hold of the back of the truck and pulled himself up. "Dammit, McCartney, you could have slowed down..." "And let Mimi catch us? You know she doesn't like us, John" John smoothed his hair and rumpled leather jacket. Looking Teddy Boy proper. He lit the cigarette that half-hund from the corner of his mouth. "Another nail in me coffin" he held it out for Paul's inspection. Paul grabbed the ciggie and took a long drag.

Continued on Feb 17, 1998

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