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Skywriting -- Feb 15, 1998
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Continued from Feb 14, 1998

He watched for the girls. the girls were a symbol for him. Possibly the only people who knew how he felt. Little girls who looked alike in matching dresses and straw boaters. Real Orphans

" they were still standing outside of Paul and Janes house on Valentines day, Scully and Mulder's dead bodies at their feet, and no one had the slightest idea what the hell Paul had just been talking about. Aunt Mimi? Christmas at the Dakota?!? Real orphins?!? "Paul, are you alright?" Jane said in a concerned voice... But just then John realized that Jane had the same shade of red hair as that Scully girl he had liked so much plus she was taller and sexier. "Er... Jane?" he said to her....

"Would you like to dance?" Just then Jane started to hum a David Bowie song and John knew again that he was doomed.

Yes, but since danid bowie wouldn't be big for another 6 or 7 years, he didn't really maind. He took her by the hand and they started to slow dance with no music. Finally, after a few minutes, Paul got out his guitar and started singing: "You can dance, every dance with the guy that gives you the eye let him hold you tight. You can smile, every smile for the man who held your hand beneath the pale moonlight. But don't forget who's taking you home and in who' arms you're gonna be. So darlin' save the last dance for me" sang Paul. But when the song was over and Jane or John didn't let go, Paul though "sod this" and went off to find...

His own happy place. A place where he could hear the ocean lapping at the beach. He gave one last look back to John, who made a face at him. "Up yours, Lennon." He wandered off, a little older and a little sadder than before.

Then he got hit by a streetcar.

"Daft little things, those streetcars" Paul looked up from John's scribbled writing. "Say, John, Why d'ya always hit me with stuff? I'm getting the impression you don't care for me." John shot him an evil look. "Mebbe I don't"

"What do ya' mean John, you known I-I 've always cared about you!"

John moved away before Macca could reveal any deeper feelings. Then he got hit by a streetcar.

but by this time Paul wasn't worried so he stood up and shook the dust off his clothes. he looked around to try to find John and the others but they were . . .

in some ship. Paul looked at the sign: The USS Enterprise. Weird... Then paul looked. JOhn had these funny ears! And everyone was calling him Spoke! WHAT THE HELL??? And damn, ringo was this guy in some chair.... everyone was calling him captain kirk. "we're on a secret mission... from god. to look.. and see... the world." What was up with Ringo, paul wondered. Then he looked at george and was horrified when he saw that george was a...

Klingon! Paul couldn't help but stare some. George's once-smooth forehead was now graced with a heavy set of ridges that made him look as though someone had thought it funny to glue a turtle shell to his head. Paul frowned and opened his mouth to comment, but before he could say anything, someone tapped his shoulder and said, "Doctor McCoy?"

The voice sounded very familiar, but different somehow. Paul turned around slowly, unsure as to whether he was doing the right thing, and saw John standing there. His ears were pointy, and he had a set of pointy sideburns that hadn't been there before. Paul choked in surprise. "John? John, what the hell happened to your ears? And- and what's wrong with your voice? It's gone all funny-like... You've lost your accent! You sound American! What's going on here?"

John gazed evenly at Paul with no change at all in his expressionless demeanor. "You must be mistaken, Doctor. I am not John; indeed, I know no one named John. I am Spock, a Vulcan, as you are so fond of pointing out to me. It would be highly illogical to assume that I would suddenly become anything else." John looked more serious and, well, logical than Paul had ever seen him before.

John squeezed a spot on his shoulder, and Paul collapsed into a dreamless sleep, aware only of hitting the floor

"Oh man!", John looked to his mate, dead to the world. "I'd better be moving... let's see if there is something to do in this world". And he began to walk thru the cold streets of London. A sound of music got his attention: "Falling, yes I am falling..." then a woman's voice moaning "Oh man, we do need a rhyme, Rea!" .Another voice answered. "Anna, I KNOW! But my head is elsewhere." John laughed and added: "But she keeps calling me back again." Anna and Rea looked outside the window "It's that John person, Rea. Hey John, it's pretty cold outside! Want to get in?"

"Of course", he answered, and moved inside the house. It was very different from all he was used to - a rather poor house, but nice anyway. Rea was sat in front of a pile of paper. "It's rather late, I think I am turning in, Rea. I supposed to be home by ten", Anna said, as she was leaving. "Do you think that a streetcar will hit me if I get off?" Rea laughed "Why? You are not being boring. Ta-Ta, dearie." Anna left and John stood there, at Rea's living room. Strangely lost.

He was lost in a sea of tan carpet and suburbia. He kicked at the air, grumbling. Everyone he met just seemed to lead him farther and farther away from where he had been. And worse yet, they stranded him there.

George looked at Ringo. Where had they gotten to?? Ringo looked around "it appears to be some sort of....limbo!" He yelled. George tried to walk, but his feet had no purchase on the soggy cloud substance. Ringo jumped about, he had no problem going through the stuff. George looked at him, "The weirdest stuff always happens to us!!" He said "Yeah, and I bet paul and John are off having an adventure" "We always get ignored" "It's like someone's writin a story and they don't want us to be the main action, so they stick us here!" George contemplated. He waved a hand through a pink haze. " what do you mean?!" Ringo yelled, "who wouldn't want me for a main character???" "I dunno, " George replied, "those people must sure be strange..." "Hmp!" Ringo snorted,"Imagine, not focusing on me!!"

Paul suddenly popped into a silver haze and as the smoke cleared, he saw George and Ringo. "Hey!! what happened? Last thing I was in a space ship...and you were there! and you were there too! And I kept thinking how strange it all was, and all I wanted was to get out of there..." "some trip over the rainbow" George remarked.

John looked down at his sneakers. The laces were untied and he'd been trampling over them. "bloody hell." He bent to tie them, narrowly avoiding the object that Paul swung in his direction. which happened to be a peach. george, having not eaten in a while, caught it and ate it. "mmmmmm," he said, smacking his lips. john straightened from his bothersome shoe-tying and asked macca, "y'got another one of those for me, eh?" "here--it's the last one," said macca, tossing the peach at him. ringo came back from the store, where he had gone to buy one of those flaming pies--he loved those--when suddenly . . .

John woke up. On the floor. It had been a while since he'd done that. but he dd have a pillow. He looked up at the bed beside him. Yoko was asleep and restless. "I know, Mother, I know." He pressed her hand. Then they got hit by a streetcar.

or so they thought it was a streetcar. it was actually a toy car that julian had roled into john's leg. he had come to visit them. "hi daddy! how are you?" julian exclaimed as he ran up and hugged john and kissed him. "who brought you?" asked john. "mommy did." "hi julian" said yoko, "how are you? i'm afraid i'm not too well..."

Continued on Feb 16, 1998

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