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Skywriting -- Feb 05, 1998
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Continued from Feb 04, 1998

NO, let's NOT go to THAT story... John found himself on the stage, with his guitar. He looked out and saw all these girls, screaming... he looked beside him and paul was at the microphone singing "she's a woman" while george was right beside him, singing the harmonies. Ringo was on the drum kit, bored as ever, trying to keep the beat. From the haircuts, it looked like 1965 (or '64, john couldn't remember). "Earth to John, you got to sing that harmony," mouthed george. But then he saw something in the distance. It was Rea and she was in the crowds, staring at John. But someone was with Rea. It was...

...sunflower. she was here to save john from those screaming girls and take him away to her magic chamber up in the sky. but rea wasn't going to tolerate such behaviour, so sunflower pointed a magic stick at her and rea turned into lovely heather. john offered both arms to the angelic women, and they walked on into the golden moonlight together. but as they walked, wind started blowing harder and harder and all the trees became dead and black and all the beautiful parrots became black crows. a man appeared on a flaming pie in the sky and said, "you shall be man and two wives..." just then...

There was a brilliant flash of white light and John found himself standing in frong of a massive, ornate building, staring up at the structure's facade. A nagging feeling in the back of John's mind whispered to him that he knew this place, but he couldn't quite place how. "Where the hell am I?" he demanded, sweeping a gaze around himself to see if there was anyone at all who would answer him. But no answering voice came, so with a sigh John simply stood and waited to see what would happen next.

Suddenly John saw a familiar, dark-haired figure leaving the building. It was evening, and getting dark out so John couldn't quite see the person's face. But there was something oddly familiar in the way that this person walked and carried himself. The shadowy figure glanced up, as though he had heard a noise of some sort, and John gasped. It was Paul? But why? John could see from the other buildings in the area that he was in New York. Why was Paul here? And where were the other Beatles? What in the world was going on here? John edged a bit closer and he saw that while it was Paul, he looked a bit older, though not more than ten years. Puzzled, John started to call out to his friend, but another voice, coming from the shadows interrupted him.

"Mr. McCartney?" called the voice, timid at first, then a bit more forceful. "Mr. McCartney!" John watched, the expression on his face turning from one of curiosity to one of disbelief and finally to one of horror and rage.

The next few things that transpired seemed to happen in slow motion. Paul turned around, glancing about to see who had called out to him when several sharp, malicious explosions rang out, shattering the tranquility of the cool evening. Paul gasped, first in shock but then in agony as he fell to the pavement. John stared as his old friend dropped like a stone, scarcely believing what he had seen happen. No, this couldn't be true. This had never happened... A movement in the corner of his eye caught John's attention. Looking up, he saw a stocky, bespectacled young man, leaning casually against the building, holding a smoking gun and easily reaching to pull a book out of his pocket. He appeared not to have noticed anything amiss at all.

John stared for a moment, but a faint moan ripped him from his disbelief. Glancing down, John could clearly see Paul crumpled on the sidewalk, his breathing shallow and gasping, his face contorted with pain. Rushing to his friend, John knelt down at Paul's side. Suddenly he saw where Paul's jacket had fallen away, exposing several spreading crimson stains on the white shirt beneath. Paul's gaze was vapid; he seemed to be focusing all of his remaining energy on breathing. But all at once he glanced up to see John kneeling over him, and a faint shadow of recognition crossed Paul's face. "John?" he whispered, barely audible. "John. 's that you?"

John swallowed hard, telling himself that he was just having a very real, very strange dream. This wasn't happening. It couldn't possibly! "Yeh," he answered gruffly. "Yeah, Paul, I'm right here." Paul blinked in surprise. "What happened, John?" he asked softly, struggling to get the words out. John didn't say anything for a moment. How to explain to one of his best friends that he'd been shot? But John could only tell Paul what had happened as bluntly as he said anything else. "You've been shot, you bloody fool," he whispered, trying not to let Paul see just how worried he was. "What'd you have to go and do that for?"

suddenly lovely heather walks up with wonderwall at her side. "hey john--get up from that sidewalk. paul's not there--you've been imagining things again." john got up and shook his head of the dust and saw someone in the distance...

As the figure neared, John saw that it was Paul. Rushing up to him, John stared incredulously. Noticing the odd look crossing his friend's face, Paul grinned teasingly. "Hey, what's the matter, John? You look like you've seen a ghost or something!" John couldn't quite smile back. What was going on here? He had just seen it- Paul had been lying there bleeding just a moment ago. He couldn't have imagined it, it all seemed so real... But what could he possibly say to Paul? Tell his friend that he had just been shot? John brushed the thought away and mustered up a weak smile. "Nah," he said, shrugging. "You just startled me, that's all." Paul nodded understandingly and...

sneezed. out of his nose flew ribbons and confetti. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN!!!!!!!" paul said.

"Why thank you Paul" said John. He couldn't get that picture out of his mind. HE knew that he just had to tell Paul what he saw. He turned around and said "Paul.....

Hey!!!! wonderwall's in this story??? So Heather forgot all about John Lennon and saw David standing there, with flowers in his hand for her. They embraced and kissed and then Heather took him back into a bedroom and proceeded to.....

"did i self self-involved?" john growled "i mean self-indulgent. all these people trying to weave themselves into the story without giving it love, without giving it a heart, without making any bloody sense. why can't they just come together and let me speak through them?" he put his head in his hands. "your time is short." yoko said, tenderly stroking the top of john's head. "you just have to hope that they figure it out soon." john looked up, his hair hanging in his face, his eyes filled with tears....

Suddenly John leapt up and yelled "hey this is crazy!" "what is John?" Yoko lo9oked worried "everyone's making me have a bad time in this story and i'm sick of it! I'm phoning the Beatles, Mick, Keith, Noel and the rest of em, we're all going for a wild night out!" "wild nights out are great for relief of stress and tension" Yoko said "I'm with you" Some time later a car pulled up, "ey John!" Noel's voice shouted out "that's them let's go!" John and Yoko got in the car with Mick, Keith, Noel and various other top rockers aand drove off, the sounds of rock'n'roll balring through the car stereo

"Bad time or not,'s reality." "What's reality? Paul being dead? Paul's dead?" His face twisted in disbelief. He looked up to what should have been the sky. He couldn't see the sky. He saw stone. Dark Grey stone.

He heard voices in his head. He heard Keith Moon, good old Baron Von Moon telling him another sip wouldn't hurt..Where's my necklace, John? May had invaded his head. Something was symbolic about that. May. That name didn't mean anything. Fung Ye. Phoenix bird. Rises from death and ashes to live another life. Come on, more drink, then we'll go more don't get loud....don't wanna get tossed out, do ya?

"What do you mean by 'you'll try to save me'?" John thought aloud. All eyes turned to him. He stood in La Fortuna Cafe on the West Side. "shhh...John...sit down.." He looked down to the table and saw the newspapers covering it. Paul's name in all the headlines. "What's this about, Mother?" He stroked the bit of newspaper until the newsprint came off on his hand, obscuring McCartney's face. He saw himself in the window. He looked like a madman. He hair stood on end, uncombed. There were dark hollows beneath his eyes. Shit, he thought. I look like a junkie. I'm a freakin' junkie again. "I know it's hard, John...but people are staring" He sipped his coffee slowly. He hadn't changed his clothes from the night before. His red tee-shirt stuck to his back beneath both his old blue sweater and black leather jacket. Bleary eyed, he tried to focus on the image of himself. He didn't remember looking that way. He barely remembered ever feeling that way. "Have I been..?" "Crying? Yes." He'd rubbed his eyes nearly raw. He replaced his thick, plastic framed glasses.

john realised that the picture wasn't the present him but the past. he was looking into the past agian.

Dammit...voices in my head...the voices won't shirrup!

Suddenly Noel Gallagher popped up on TV.He announced the opening of the new Allaroundtheworld long distance corporation.Somehow the operators were replaced by evil blue meanies. They disconnected Noel's line now noone can ever hear him call.Somehow Coca-cola was hiring the meanies it was all some conspiracy about "Shakermaker".Suddenly John looked up and put on his glasses got in his psychedellic rolls along with yoko to help restore the first phone company run by a rock band influenced by the Beatles.They went...

The past was a safer place. But he had a feeling that Sally wouldn't let him stay there for very long. The past is always a comfort because you know what happens, even if it isn't happy. It was like seeing "On the Waterfront" for the umpteenth time. You knew what happend to Marlon Brando. You knew who won and who lost. You knew the Nazis lost World War Two. Didn't they?

Yes they did but anyways Liam was standing in the shadows, shooting some coke when finally someone nudged him and told him it was his turn. He gaily skipped to Lennon's side and said "Hey mate I'm going to join your band." Lennon said "That's groovy. Where's McCartney?" Liam replied laughingly "I bashed him with me booze." Both fell over laughing, linked arms and walked into the sunset to the nearest bar, each with a groupie on one arm. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Of course they did...of course..that was the way things were supposed to be. Everything was supposed to be normal. He hadn't seen those hallucinations in years. He used to have them when he was younger. He could close his eyes and press his thumbs against the lids to make those dazzling arrays of colour. The harder he pressed, the wilder they would become. Until he opened his eyes and saw everything outlined, more clearly than it ever could have been. When he closed them again, it felt like he'd been staring at the sun at noon.

Paul grinned at John over a glass of white wine. "You're still as daft as you used to be, think you can hide forever in your little fort..I'll tell you, though..moats don't work anymore." Damn you, McCartney. All your sarcasm, all your little put-downs. At least I was bold enough to say them out loud!

no, that was liam who said that. he never had any brains and never will.

"Who is this Liam?" John thought the words. Liam who this is? Is who this Liam..Liam, is this who..? He sighed angrily. His supposed madness was worsening. The sky was blue. The grass was brown. But the people were photographic negatives. White eyes in pitch black faces. Black teeth in white mouths. Liam sneered, playing off his bewildered state. "Wot's a matter, some kinda cripple?"

but then Paul decked Liam, completely knocked him on his ass. "Wot you do that for, ya wank?" cried Liam as blood spurted from his nose. "Because you dogged Dr. Winston, that's why. Now bug off!" and Liam scrambled to his feet so he could run like hell. "Well done, friend!" cried John. And the two of them walked off to find Ringo and George.

They found Ringo with his hand stuck in a vending machine. "I thought she was a sandwich," he mumbled. "She?" asked John and Paul in unison. "Yeah. The bird with the blue feathers," replied Ringo. They looked into the little glass window and saw...

The pavement dipped before them. "Pa-aul...How 'er we gonna find them here?" Paul looked at him. "Why wouldn't we find them here? We're all playing at the Indra. John...What has that woman put in yer pills?" He looked at John's eyes, a slightly odd family physician. "But it's New Yor-" It wasn't. There was no familliar park. It was Hamburg again. "Prelly's must be gettin' to ya...The Hurricanes are on right now...we could catch the end of their act...

Paul looked around and saw all the familliar Hamburg shops, the whores and the bars. He suddenly felt like a stranger. John saw the look of alienation in Paul's eyes, but chose to keep quiet. Ringo was still mumbling about birds and sandwiches, so he hadn't noticed yet. Then George came walking up to them, with his girlfriend and another chick. The "other chick" was the strange girl from the party. Paul shouted "look! it's that Miranda girl! wait... you never called me. What the hell is that all about?"

John shook his head and closed his eyes. "What's wrong with me?" he muttered for the millionth time. "John." At the sound of his name, John looked up to see a new grrl, one with pity in her eyes. "John," she said again. "I know this dream is getting terrible, but it can't last much longer." She quietly hugged him and he tried to rest his head for just a moment of peace.

"It is really a dream, Love?...Make it a dream..." He was afraid. For the first time, he was afraid. His knees trembled in fear, his stomach turned. "I want it all to be a dream. I want to wake up and see the sky again." In the other reality, Yoko pressed his hand tenderly. John felt her touch. God...It's cold in here... The woman with sorrowful eyes brushed his hair back gently.

Paul looked at John shivering. Then he looked at Miranda, who was walking toward where John was laying. She pulled a tye-dye hankerchief out of the pocket of her purple dress and folded it into a triangle. She put the triangle on John's forehead and he jumped up, smiling. "How the hell did you do that?" he asked Miranda. "I learned it in the Girl Scouts," she said with a shrug. Paul ran over and hugged her. "You helped John out of his bad dream. Thanks ever so much," he said. Then he kissed her warmly, forgetting Jane and Linda and the strange girl whose ass he had been squeezing earlier... he forgot everything except Miranda...

John, however happy he seemed, was still torn inside. What did all this mean. Why did he have to be saved? why would everything be over soon?

so-o-o... to celebrate john's miraculous recovery, the five of them (john, yoko, the new girl, paul and miranda) all hunted down ringo and george. the seven went out to find some pies. paul and miranda ate a honey pie, john, yoko, and the new girl (whose name was susan) shared a grapefruit pie, and george ate a jellybaby pie. ringo couldn't decide which pie he wanted, so he went across the street and bought a pizza pie.

after eating his pie, John felt a thousand times better. He left with susan and yoko to go for a walk, while paul and miranda made "puppy eyes" across the diner table...

John once again walked with the spring in his step. Bounding ahead, as though called. He began to run- as he had not done since he was a boy at grammar school. He rain faster, letting the wind whip through his hair. His legs began to feel numb and he stopped to catch his breath. The world spun at full tilt.

As h stopped, he listened to a voice, singing some unknown tune: "will you remember, will you recall? I won't remember the things that we swore, I won't remember your name, I won't remember the future we planned, I'll just love you as then.", she sang, busy looking to the ground. "What are you searchin for?", John asked. "My glases....I think I lost them. Would you help me, sir?" She didn't recognize him, so he started to search the woman's glasses too.

"You have a very nice voice", she said. "I heard you singing once. But it's a pity that I don't like rock and roll as I supposed to." . John just stared. That girl was pretty and had a voice that sounded like the wind coming thru the woods. "I'll teach you a song. So when you want to be free of those scary trips, you can hold on it.."

She sat down, and started: "Half of what I say is meaningless...but I say it, just to reach you...." And then...the voice a whispered song.

"Who are you? Better yet, where are you?", John shouted. Just as he was asking it, some laugh cut thru him. A very known laugh. "See, you fool? The girl with the sky in her eyes..." "Sally was it just a dream?" "I am the piper at the gates of dawn. All I touch is a dream. But tha girl, Johnny she was real. Seek and ye shall find! Ciao, bello!"

"The girl, Sal! Who was she? Who is she? Looking for her glasses? Mother?"

Sally ran away from him, almost not touching the ground. John ran after her - but that was a hard thing to do, follow Sally Townshend-Barret, the piper at the gates of dawn. You could take an inch, she'd run two miles. When he finally gave up of running after her, he heard her voice shouting: "SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND...SING, YOU BLOODY FOOL, IF YOU WANT TO FIND! SING THE SONG SHE WAS SINGING...if you remmeber it of course."

MEANWHILE... Linda and Paul and the other girl walked around town. Paul and the other girl went to the store to see something, while Linda went to some art shop. BUT OHMIGOD! she was transported to a planet called Mos Eisley. "where am i?" said Linda. she looked around, and there next to her was John! "john! what are you doing here?!" exclaimed linda. "i dunno, linda.. but i've got a bad feeling bout it" said John. then 5 girls came out of the shadows. It was Tenel Ka, Francie, Anna of the Field, Cyn and G!!! Linda groaned. "what are you GUYS doing here in this part of the story?!?! it is suppose to be SERIOUS. you have ruined it!!". Francie spoke up, "well we were bored and we wanted to feed you and john to the monkeys in the zoo at Sao Paolo!! HAHAHHAHA" will our heroes be DOOMED?

Remember? Remember? John was panicking. The song! The song, what was the song...the song she was singing...Sally please help me, for once in your life help me to get out of a pothole! Sally? Sally? Damn, Sally Barret, help! HELP! I WANT TO REMEMBER! The bird with the sky in her eyes....God how I wish this was just one scary trip! Sally? Where am I?

"Oh Lord, if you excuse me... it seems someone is calling me.", Anna said, leaving fast. It was a guy in black clothing and top hat. "What's the fuss, Bruno?". "Like that, Annie dearie. Remember Sally Barret?' "Yep. So what?" "I think your friend John is seeking for her." She laughed. "She's the piper at the gates of dawn. If he wants to find her, he just need to dream. If you excuse, Bruno, I still have a monkey business to solve. Tchau." And she turned to her friends. "well, so what? Do we catch the plane?"

then a voice came. "Don't worry John and Linda baby! I'll save you!!" who was it? out of the door came Austin Powers wih Ms. Kensington. "oh no.. not YOU again!" moaned Linda. "we ARE doomed, Linda," said John sadly.

then out of the shadows (we have a lot of shadows in this story!) Sally came, wearing her little peter pan-ish outfit. "realease the hostages you dim-wits!!", screamed Sally. "or what?" said Francie sarcastically. I'll bring someone to help me out!" threatened Sally. "who?" said Tenel Ka. "XENA! warrior princess!!" said Sally. all the girls got scared. Xena was some mean green fighting machine!

"Yep you are.", Anna looked. "With a hero like THAT you don't need any enemy!" and, she started to sing in a very mocky voice: "I won't remember the things we swore and won't remember your name I won't remember the future we planned...". John looked to the brazilian. "Sally? Damn, it was you all the time, Anna? "

She laughed, and her laughter sounded like Sally's.

"Oh, greeat", John thought. "Now I find out that Sally is at their side too. I am already seeing meself at some end of the world's zoo". Just by then he realised that Anna - or Sally, or whoever she was - was laughing. And he knew that everytime she laughed something was about to happen. "Let me take you back, John..........." she called.

"Back to WHERE?", he shouted. "To where it all began, where else?". "Liverpool?" "No. I meant where you began to live. Really live. C'mon. Don't ask me no questions. Just follow me thru the gate...". And he did. But as she passed to the Dawn, the gate closed with the mightest crash. John was locked inside the middle-of-the-way. Again on his own. "Seek...and ye shall find. Ciao!"

Back to feed the monkeys!!! Linda and John were lowed into a pit, with this snarling wild genetically improved violent monkeys. but then john looked closer at the monkeys. it was the BAND the MONKEES!!!! OH NO...

"Linda? since this is our last moment on earth, i have a favour to ask you," said john nervously for they could already feel micky grabbing their feet. "What, John?, said linda. "can you kiss me? one for the road?, " pleaded John.

He stopped himself. He never wanted to kiss Linda. He almost remembered the song. But the words slipped though his mind like sand through an hourglass. "I don't remember...I don't know anymore!"

And Noel, realizing that Heather would *thank the lord* never be right for him, left her, vanishing her to the world of the boring self-indulgent people, where the spice girls were big. John Paul George and Ringo all rejoiced.. YIPPEE! they said. Then Noel walked off to Meg Matthews, his real true date.. When suddenly, Paul realized that his pants were down..

So Paul and his bare ass were hauled off to Attica State where hairy guys named "Bubba" beat the crap outta him.

So hey won't someone please buy me a beer? I just can't find a bottle anywhere. You know my head's so foggy and I can't see clear. I wish somebody would buy me a beer.

But then George, who is after all the real hero of this story, arrived at the prison and rescued Paul in his magical flying formula one racing car, courageusly beating off all the evil Bubbas and taking Paul back to Friar Park, where he forced him to listen to Ravi Shankar records till his ears bled.

John's hands shook. He wanted a beer. No, needed it. He needed somthing to steady his hands. A cigarette...a drink...a woman.. Stu, could always talk me down...where the Hell are ya now? I need you..I need you so bad...Please..answer me..speak to me an answer... He saw white halls. White linoleum halls that smelled like disinfectant. Hospital smell. He hated the smell of hospital. Cold whit house of death in all its macabre glory.

John woke up in a cold sweat. A cool breeze was wafting through the window from the darkness outside. It had been a dream. He didn't need a beer. He lay there in the dark for a few minutes, remembering where he was. He was at the Radisson Hotel in the VIP suite with the other Beatles in seperate rooms. Just then, he heard some strange noises out in the lounge (it was a very big suite) He could hear someone's voice - Pauls? - saying something. He sounded disturbed. John jumped out of bed and quickly opened the door to find...

Paul and Ringo dressed in black. They moved about the lounge in the dark. They didn't notice John peeking at them through the door. They began going through his suitcases. John heard Paul mutter that they had to get a hold of the naked pictures of John and Yoko before they were sent off. He couldn't risk John damaging the bands reputation by flashing his Mr. Winky of the cover of an album.Ringo was his accomplice and together they vowed to find the naked pictures. Of course, Ringo would get a sizable reward from Paul for helping. Paul told him that they were doing no harm, the bands reputation was at stake. John continued to look through the door in disbelief...

"Reputation, Shmeputation. I'll show them", he thought. Making everyone shake in their narrow tipped half boots could be a blast, naked pictures or not. This sounds like a job for the International Man of Mystery. If he can't hide the film nobody can. Not even that Magical Mystery Tour should fing a clue.

then he became a bird an fly trhu his mind till he realixe he still a dreamer.

he tried to stay calm, looks everything and seehg empty, every face every record every song that remains him the beatles legacy was empty, empty and fake as paul... there was no walrus there was no sun king,theres was no beatles... only memories... then realize that life is full of magic full of dreams ,so full of LOVE. Thats all we need love ,we dont need beatles we dont need lennon, mcnarneys,harrison,stars, we dont need maharishis we dont need heros we dont need drugs... ALL I NEED IS LOVE>>> ALL WE NEED IS LOVE>>> LOVE>>>>>THATS THE WORD>>>

Continued on Feb 06, 1998

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