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Skywriting -- Feb 04, 1998
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Continued from Feb 03, 1998

Paul knew the best thing to do in this situation-he handed John more booze and shoved him into the middle of the street. Unfortuantely John knew this plan (Paul had done it to him 3 times already today) so John decided that it was time for revenge on the pretty boy. John slowly, and methodically broke all of Paul's mirrors and stole his knickers. As he left the room John heard a high-pitched scream from a deranged Paul. The scream was heard by Sgt Pepper and Wonderwall who were hanging around outside; Sgt Pepper looked up and exclaimed "What the f....?" "Rich man, we can't swear here, remember?" Wonderwall said half jokingly "oh yeah, forgot about that!" Sgt Pepper grinned sheepishly, he then put on a posh Brit. accent "oh gosh, what on Earth can that be?" "i dunno let's go check it out" Wonderwall replied They walked in to were John Lennon was sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come, "whoever reads this story will be able to tell when that Sgt blocke worte it" he thought, "it'll start to get totally rubbish!" "Hey John!" the guys greeted their idol "Hello" John smiled, "don't i know you two from somewhere? Weren't you the two we met at a backstage party after one of our gigs last month?" "hell yeah!" Wonderwall grinned, "how could you forget us?" "Well it'd be bloody hard to forget us, consedering how drunk we got, mate!" Sgt laughed, recalling their insane drunken escapedes "Well i'm glad you two showed up,...

Yoko's voice filtered in as though it came from a tiny buzzing radio. "Pleeease...." John looked up, bewildered. "What in the bloody hell.... Pepper looked at him, quizzically. Wonderwall did the same, convinced that he'd gone out of his head. "Looks like you've been hitting the bottle without us, mate..Wotcha staring at?" John shook his head, troubled. Make those voices go away, he pleaded, make them leave me alone..I don't wanna hear it...don't wanna see it... He shook his head more violently. Pepper took him by the shoulders. "Look, John..maybe this isn't the best time.." "No, no..I'm really chuffed yer here..really..I just heard someone- someone familliar.." As hard as he concentrated, he couldn't place the voice. It repeated over and over. "Pleease...Look at me..."

John looked, but when he did, all he could see was the lovely acoustic guitarist onstage. He turned to Sgt Pepper and said, "who is that bird? she's so beautiful!!!!!" Sgt Pepper replied, "that's Heather.... you know, lovely rita!!" John mused a little while and spoke. "I want her. Go bring her to me!" "But I think she's dating Noel Gallagher." "F&*# Noel Gallagher, I'm in love with Heather." So Sgt Pepper and his Wonderwall approached the stage and beckoned to the guitarist, who was doing a beautiful rendition of Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead. She leaned down and Sgt Pepper whispered in her ear......

"John wants you really bad..." Heather stopped playing and leaped into John's arms. There was a thunder clap and lightening and all of a sudden Heather vanished!!! "Oh no!! Where did my love go??" screamed John. Then from behind the stage walked on a young girl of 15 dressed in a sunflower dress. "Hello", she said, "I see you've lost something. But dont' worry--we can deal without her. Let's you and me go and have a drink, shall we John?" John almost fainted att he sight of this beautiful creature. He asked wonderwall, "Who is this angel?" Wonderwall said, "It's that Rusky gal. You know, sunflower?" Just then, as the two saints waled on together...

John hugged her. but sunflower blew up!!! she was really an inflatable woman!!!! John started crying and said...

John blinked in wonder at the assault on his eyes. He hadn't seen colours such as those before. The sunflower dress seemed to shift from orange, to yellow, to green. The girl smiled and her face rippled like the surface of a pond. Pepper watched him intently. He seemed lost in his own dreams. John's lips moved, but no words came. "It's too much...all too much...I don't get it," With every twist, he became more and more frustrated with himself. Wonderwall saw his eyes narrow in anger- a decidedly dangerous situation. The dress turned violet in his sight....

John blinked in wonder at the assault on his eyes. He hadn't seen colours such as those before. The sunflower dress seemed to shift from orange, to yellow, to green. The girl smiled and her face rippled like the surface of a pond. Pepper watched him intently. He seemed lost in his own dreams. John's lips moved, but no words came. "It's too much...all too much...I don't get it," With every twist, he became more and more frustrated with himself. Wonderwall saw his eyes narrow in anger- a decidedly dangerous situation. The dress turned violet in his sight....

..."isn't it too much to handle?", a voice, soft as a whsipered song, entered thru his ears. "Come along with me, I will show you what you have never seen before." John just stared at the spare. "And who are you?" . The voice answered : "You think you know me...but you haven't got a clue, dearie. Just look behind you... I'm here."And he turned....

And saw a huge black void. The wind ripped through his hair and coat. Panic filled his eyes. "Mates? Paul? Cyn? Mother?" The shreds of reality hung around him like dark streamers. "Where are you?" "Behind you" Behind me...what's behind me...I don't like behind..what if I turn and look and it hurts? Please don't hurt me...please don't hurt... He turned again. There was nothing. The streets had disappeared- they were replaced by more pieces of the world that had been. He wanted to cover his eyes- to cry out in protest. His voice stuck in his throat. He couldn't speak..couldn't breathe.. "Breathe" the voice said softly, but urgently. He gasped for air...

Cyn stood beside him. "What's wrong, John?..Oh, John..look.." He looked down at hiself. He clutched an armful of roses. Blood red. They, too, changed colours. They faded to a dusty looking white. He offered them to Cyn. The torn banners fluttered around them. The wind was cold upon his face and he felt her shudder. She took the roses, burying her nose deep in the bouquet. "They don't smell like anything, John...they have no smell." Roses with no smell...painting the roses red...

painting the sky green. painting the earth yellow. All of a sudden, John plunged his head into the sink, where the sting of cold water awoke him from his hallucinations. "Too much LSD", he muttered to himself. He found himself in bed with the guitarist from the club. She was still sleeping, with white sheets wrapped around her beautiful body. He gently stroked her hair and recalled the events of the night. "Heather", he spoke. "Heather my love." She awoke and smiled as he leaned down to kiss her. As he pulled his body onto hers, he drew his face to her ear and said.........

"...sunflower offered better sex..." Heather woke up and banged the pillow into john's head. She got up, dressed and never came back to John again.

Too bad John was only joking. He had never even heard of a girl named sunflower, it was all a hallucination. So here we are, in John's bedroom, and lying there are John and Heather. What do you think could happen next? That's right, Heather realized that John was a better lover than Noel Gallagher and John fell madly in love with Heather.

But then John realised that he did not love Heather, he loved Yoko--someone he'd been hearing in the skies for too long but had never seen. She flew through the window and said, "I am here". John took one look at her and left Heather. This time he wasn't joking--he loved Yoko with all his heart. Yoko also happened to be the reincarnation of sunflower. As they flew on...

Paul walked across Abbey Road and said, "Wait a minute, where are you going, John?" John looked over at Paul, then he looked back to Yoko, but she wasn't there anymore. Then John woke up, it had all been a dream! He realized that he was only 19 years old, and living and working in Hamburg with Paul, George, Stu, and Pete. John always believed in his dreams, so he wondered if that was really what was going to happen in the future . . .

But again John shuddered. The realities were flying by too quickly...there was no time for him to think. He was young, he was old.. He covered his eyes, on the verge of tears. Stu took him by the shoulder. "Johnny...Wot's wrong with you?" The image of Stu faded into Yoko, who in turn, became Sean. "Why are there dragons in our fence, Daddy? Are they there to protect us?"

He swallowed laboriously, forcing down the iron lump in his throat. "God- whoever- listen to me..." Paul was putting another drink in his hand. He looked at the glass of pale liquid and poked at the ice cubes floating on the surface. "Where the Hell did you come from, Paul?" "Me mother" John's head spun. His mental fog wasn't lifting. "How do I get home from here, Paul?" Paul laughed darkly. "Don't ya know- there's no way home anymore-" "Oh god... these trips will get the better of me", said John.

John woke up the next day in a strange house. "Home...Home...Home" is all he said while he got dressed. Some how, he found his way home, but his Aunt wasn't there, no one was there. The house was desserted. What he realized was that he had dreamed his life away or that's what HE thought, until he saw Julian...

"Will they?", a rueful voice laughed in front of him. "Oh, come on, Johnny.You can set your mind to trip to whatever you want. Remember nobody can reign over your brain but yourself". This time, as John turned, he didn't see no huge black void. Or whatever. She saw a girl in her middle teens, dressed as a mod girl. "Hi there, John. I am the one you are searching for.I am the voice.". "Who...the hell...are you?", John asked. She smiled and walked to him. "The name is Sally. Sally Townshend-Barret. I am the guardian of the gate.". "Gate? Which gate?" This time Sally took his hand and guided thru the room, to a window. Thru it John could see London Town...Abbey Road. "The Gate of The Dawn. I am the Piper at the gate of dawn, Johnny. Where you have to pass to dream. You've been a pain, Johnny, and so I thought I could change you...ha. Only in my dreams I could change such a man like you.". She stopped and walked away...and when she turned to him...

...his young son. "How could this happen to me? I remember absolutely nothing!" He said to himself as he watched his son through glass. Minutes later Paul, George and Ringo walked in and stood behind him. "Hey mate, it's time to finish recording" Paul said to John, who looked at him blankly. "What year is it??" He turned and asked George. "John, are you ok? It's 1964...whats wrong?" "How old is my son??" He asked shockingly. Cyn came up behind him. "OUR son is nearly two...John, don't you remember?" Without warning Johntook six steps and fell to his left, acting as though he had just been shot.... ...she was bloody angry. "Have my say, John Winston.You are wasting all away. However, there's a chance for you. Search for the woman with the sky in her eyes, and she will tell you what you have to do.". And when john was about to ask who was the girl, Sally exploded into thousand of psychedelic colours, leaving John on his own again.

"What bird with the sky in her eyes? What bird?" John's voice raised to an atonal scream. "Why can't I get back where I came from? And I'm not John Winston...It's ONO!" Cynthia shook her head in pity. He felt himself lose control. With one hand, he lashed out at Cynthia. Instead of her shattering like the gate-keeper, he felt himself fall to pieces. He felt his cheek pressed against flagstones. He was numb and warm at the same moment. He murmured to himself. "But what was I before I was what I was? What was I when I knew what I was..what is who I am?...

"'ve skinned both your knees.." Mimi. Instant recognition. He began to push himself up, reassured by her presence. He saw only the street, wet with rain, and the sodium streetlights reflected back. She had gone. He wiped a thin trickle of blood from his nose and headed toward the neon lights of civilization. "Look at me, John" A woman looked up from a bench. Her straight black hair framed her face. "Please..tell me what's happening..." She smiled broadly befor tearing in half. "You're losing your mind, Lennon...put yourself out of your misery..." I won't listen...I can't hear her...No...that's the stupidest thought you've ever had, Lennon... He realized that the voice, though it issued from a woman, sounded like him.

The city looked most like Hamburg. The loud music, the lights, the women hiding along the way. looking up at the grayness before him, he realized he was no longer alone. "Took you a while to get here. I know you hateto be alone in the dark..why's that, Johnny?" He turned back to Stuart. "It's like death, Stu..all alone, sittin' in the dark...Gotta ciggie?" Stuart offered him the pack. Probably taken off a drunk sailor. "Paul took 'em...rolled the guy, nice and clean...George finally got home..he's more than a little sick" John relaxed, as he listened to their cowboy boots echo down the sidewalk. "Gotta be careful. Gettin' sick like that, he could wake up dead one day." Stu laughed in his odd way. A nervous laugh.

He lit the cigarette and puffed on it thoughtfully. He and Stu sat on a low stone stoop. "You know, Stu...yer the only one I can talk to anymore. It's strange, but I just don't feel right.." Stu smiled and looked up from his German dictionary, his cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth and it's glow reflected off his dark sunglasses. He looked like James Dean. John never remembered James Dean dead. "Lieben Sie mich wirklich?" Stu asked him the question slowly, straining to pronounce the words. "Wot?" "I'm going to propse to Astrid...It meant 'Do you really love me?'..Wot do you think she'll say?" "Yes. she'll say yes to a crazy Englisher." Just as Yoko had said yes to him indirectly as he stood on the top of her white ladder.

And of course it was a nervous laugh. Everyone seemed to be nervous at that time. They were all so young, and doing so much. The world was spinning - around them. Time flew by and stood still at the same time. It was all like a crazy real direction. Nothing was real. Life was chaotic - and beautiful. There were so many snapshots of memory...a quiet chat with a friend, a wild party, a rare and wonderful moment by himself. From all the strange things that happened in his life, three strong desires emerged. Music, Love and Peace. That would be his journey, his quest. Only he did not really know that yet. It was all mixed up in the purple haze that surrounded him.

Stu melted into Paul, who sat beside him. They watched the young man on stage pluck guitar strings with his teeth. John watched so intently, he thought his eyes would start from his head. He whispered softly. "Where're we, Paul? "Bag O'nails. Shhh.." John never looked away from the performing man. The music seemed to echo his own decidedly erratic heartbeat. It grew faster, then slower, then almost seemed to stop. He saw the man looked at him with curiousity. So he grinned to show the man his approval. John felt the same coldness in the pit of his stomach. His smiled felt forced. As though he were a Madame Tussaude's waxen dummy and had been posed there for the occaision.

someone turned the heat WAY up, and the wax john melted into a puddle of black and flesh-colored wax. astrid took a picture. then she melted into a purple puddle, only to be reformed into a gorgous honey blonde girl wearing a long, flowing dress the color of the sky. paul sat there, looking amazed. "where did you come from?" he asked, shocked. "my mom," replied the girl. "i'm miranda." "really? i woulda sworn your name was smart-arse." quipped john, who had just come from puking in the bathroom. "ewww. what the bloody hell happened?" he asked, looking at the black puddle, which was turning into pink crayons. paul picked a crayon up, and it turned into a blue rose, which he handed to miranda. but, as soon as it was in her hand, it turned into a green dove. the bird flew into the next room and made a nest in george's hair. he ran around like a psycho, screaming "get it away from me!!! it's trying to kill me!!!" paul picked up another crayon, and it stayed a crayon, so he wrote his phone number on

a pound bill. miranda took it and turned into a purple mist, vanishing. "ok... i don't want to know..." said ringo, shaking his head as he passed through. (he only saw the mist part." a pound bill. miranda took it and turned into a purple mist, vanishing. "ok... i don't want to know..." said ringo, shaking his head as he passed through. (he only saw the mist part.)

Sirens invaded the scene in John's head. Paul's face was lit in red and blue. The radio Yoko again. "John...look at me..stay away" Paul saw his eyes lower sleepily. "Ah, Paul...lemme sleep this off...go find that Miranda bird..I'll wait here for Bridget..or God...whichever one comes first...

But "stay away"? What did that mean? Awake, more likely. What didhe have to stay awake for? He could sleep on the table as long as he pleased. The waitress with the fabulous bottom would come and refresh his drink...and later, Paul and Brian would help him out if they had too...He could sleep on the ride home. Of course he'd be mad later..throw a Dresdin shepardess against a wall, hit Cyn- no. He wouldn't-couldn't do that. She'd look up at her with her red swollen eyes and mouth the word 'why?' over and over. Then he'd buy her something and she'd cover the mark with make-up.

when John woke up, he saw sunflower standing there again. this time, she was wrapped in the rivers of the world, not the sunflower dress. they flowed through her hair and stars were sprinkled upon her tender body. John reached his hand out to touch her...

"Lucy" He whispered softly. She beckoned him forward. Oh, God, Paul...don't wake me...don't wake me... The colors filled his eyes as he stepped forward. Diamonds seemed to shine in her hair. He heard his own breaths grow rapid in his ears. He touched her silken skin and she caught his hand pressing it just barely.

..and she was gone. And a laugh filled the world as he fell on the ground. "What's that, John Winston? You're losing your mind, aren't you? Poor teddy boy..." And Sally Townshend-Barret laughed and laughed. John went to slap her but she disappeared with a hush of wind. "I am what you can't touch, what you can't have. Search for the girl with the sky in her eyes...and she's so damn close!"

"Get the hell out of my mind, gate-keeper!", he shouted to no-one. Sally just laughed, sat on the fence of a garden. "Get inside, John Winston, see what you can find. Maybe a restful place for your mind... Search for me where I am not at. Think....."

"Why the Hell am I at this...this 'Gate of the Dawn?' He tumbled through the darkness. Gates of the dawn had no meaning to him. None that he cared about. Nothing seemed to mean anything. He was lost in his own memory. "How does one find this goddam bird with the sky in her eyes? I don't need her! I don't want HER! I want YOKO!

Another laughter. "See, you bloody fool. You found it out... Let me take you down - or do I presume that you are scared of jumping?"

I am not afraid! - at leat he thought he wasn't. He jumped the fence...and everything turned into pure night black...When he opened up hs eyes, he was in a theatre. People speaking a strange language. French? no. German, perhaps? No chance. It was...what it was? He lost it. Then there was one girl looking to the ceiling. "Celophane flowers...of yellow and green. That would be OK..." And she turned to him, in surprise. "Can I help you?"

"Yes, please", John asked. "Where am I?". The girl looked as if he was insane. "Why, So Paulo. Brazil, South America, I presume.". "And...what day is today?". The girl looked to him. "Four of february, 1998. Are you alright, sir?" think I am. What's your name?". She smiled. "I am Lucy. Nice to meet you...what's your name, sir?"

"I'm not afraid...yer cracked..." Stay away from the edge, John...stay away...that's what they all had said. Don't walk too close, don't drink to much, don't hit...don't look at me that way...don't touch me...don't die.. He stopped his train of thought. Die? It seemed as though the voices in his head were seizing control of his mind.

"John" he said, sullenly. He liked the girl, though, and smiled a bit for her. She blushed. "Are you who I've been waiting for?" He stopped, astounded. Someone had been waiting for him. Someone friendly. "You wanna autograph er somethin'? I don't have a pen..." "'re late...come on..." She took him by the hand, almost suprised at how cold his hand was.

He felt dizzy. He could feel the world spinning beneath him. He sat down and lit a clove ciggarette and waited. By and by, a really grand lady came by, by the name of Yoko. "Hello John" she said. John looked at her with his bloodshot eyes. "How can you be here," he asked. " This is not here," she replied, "but this is.." she handed him a small silver whistle and a cup of grapefruit juice.

John tried to reach for the grapefruit juice, but he was awakened by a familiar voice. "John? John, man, are you OK?" It was July 1958. Stu Sutcliffe was trying to awaken John. "Yeah, man, I guess so," muttered John. Stu knew that this had been a terrible week for John. John's mother had just been killed, and John had turned to drinking to ease the pain -- he was still in denial. "Stu, you won't believe what I've just seen," said John strangely. "I've seen the past -- the present -- and the future. I've lived a thousand lifetimes in the last few minutes." Stu laughed. "You've just had too much to drink," said Stu reassuringly as he lit a cigarette. John sat up. "No, I realize now that I'm started down an incredible journey. I don't know where I'm headed, but it's going to be something big. And there's no way to turn back time."

John stared at the grapefruit juice quizzically. "Like it?" asked Yoko. "I'm writing a book about Grapefruit, but I just can't figure out how to finish it. Writer's block." John grinned and said, "Oh yes, I know all about that. At least, I thought I knew about it." "Could you help me?" Yoko smiled into John's eyes...

"John..I really feel for you...but you gotta get up.." John rolled over in bed, dreaming of his mother. "I don't want to." "John...if you screw us by not showing up...I'll get the guys to kick you out..I swear it." John moaned in pain and stifled a small sob. "I can't, Stu...I can't do it anymore." The blasts echoed in his ears. Phil Spector giring his gun into the ceiling of the studio. "God, Stu...I'm goin' mad"

"why are you talking to Stu, John? He's been dead for...I don't know how long.." Yoko stroked his hair and pulled his kimono back up over his shoulders as he lay on the futon. He ran his fingers through the white carpet. "Oh, Mother...what's wrong with me...what's wrong with me?"

He liked the way the cool, delicate silk felt against the back of his hot neck. "Stay here with me for a little while, Mother. Yu can pay the bills later" She smiled in her quizzical way and brushed the hair from his face. He looked at the cranes on his sleeves. They meant peace and life. But they were edged in red poppies. Symbols of sleep and death. Yoko nuzzled her head down alongside his. "Do you still love me, Yoko?"

"Do you you still..." ...his voice trailed off as, on the shadow of the room, he saw the piper of the gate of dawn. "Past, present, future.", she smiled. " your name" "Right, Johnny...and you need to come back. Come back to where you was before." "And WHERE I was before?" "Why, Johnny, Liverpool! Close your eyes......close your eyes and roam fast....."

Just wondering where she'd take him to...

John's eyes opened in Liverpool. It wasn't the place he recognized. It was sepia-toned. Like an old photograph. He couldn't believe anything he saw any longer. The cold feeling came back. Liverpool. He looked up to see the Liver birds...they were supposed to be eagles. Without them, Liverpool would supposedly sink into the sea. He looked up to see their reassuring dark shadows against the light tan sky. They weren't there. Nothing was. Sea water lapped around his ankles.

"Madness won't get you out of this one, Lennon." The voice mocked him. He ached from his travels. His head ached from her taunts. His feet hurt from walking. The street stretched out before him- meters...nay, miles farther than they should have. "You won't find anything untill you find the right Liverpool. By the time you get there, the girl will be gone." John choked down a colourful comment. Something regarding exactly what she could go do with her mother that had already been done by various other people of ill-repute. He dug his hands down into his pockets. He found a single address scrawled on a piece of paper in Paul's shakey crayon writing.

"This isn't making any sense" John shook his head. "What the hell is going on around here?" Just then he heard the sound of a girl's giggle from down the beach. He looked up to see Paul with his arm around yet another victim. "Oh, Paul, you're so funny!" Paul seemed to have a knack for finding the most pathetic excuses for women. "Bloody hell" John muttered under his breath as they approached him...

it was then that John realized Paul's hand wasn't around her waist, it was grabbing her ass. Now, John wasn't exactly the most monogomous guy around, but he wasn't like Paul. Paul was just driving him nuts with the way he cheated on his girlfriend. John would have gived his right arm to sleep with Jane, but Paul just took advantage of her. And there he was now, squeezing some bimbo's ass. John could feel the anger build up inside him. "OHHHHHH.... how do you sleep you c***!" he yelled at Paul. Paul looked up at him, as if statled, then when the question registered, after a moment he replied "On top". That was it. John couldn't take pretty-boy McCartney and his sex jokes any more...

but just then, they noticed a red-headed girl walking towards them from the other end of the beach. As she got nearer, John saw Paul squinting his eyes (still having his hands firmly on the other girl's ass) and as the red haired girl got closer, the colour drained out of Paul's cheeks. "Jane..." he whispered. "Oh, shit!" John looked at Jane. She looked really pissed...

Jane came closer, and in John's mind, seemed to grow enourmous wings. She flew in even faster to assail them. "Paul, you cheating, drunk, womanizing..." John muted Jane's voice mentally. As he would push a button on his IBM Selectric. He watched her in wonder, seeing her lips form his name once in a while. He looked down at the sand that had replaced the streets. The gravel was soaked- it was hard for him to get a foothold. Her face shifted into one of Bernice's sheep. Baa, he said to himself. Baa. He could turn her into anything he wanted. Her face turned into that of the bearded Jay Hastings, the guard at the Dakota. He smiled and turned her back into Jane with Yoko's eyes. He turned her dark bat's wings into angel feathers.

but then, he woke up again. H was confused. "Must've been all those drugs" he shook his head and sat up from where he lay on the concrete. People stared at him as they passed. "John!!!" a voive in the distance"Get up!!" He looked up to see a man in a dark green trench coat walking towards him. John sturdied him self and got up to face the stranger. "W-who are you?"John asked. The stranger smiled and said, "People call me Jacob. To others, I am Mr. Zimmerman" the man offered his hand to help John up,"I am here to offer assistance, you are in great danger," John got up and offensively said, "What the hell do you want? I got no money!!!" The man just replied, "I'm here to help you, come with me, we must not lose any time." John rubbed his eyes, and followed the man in the trench coat into the shadows.

But then he shook his head and the trip was over. jane was crying and she threw herself into his arms. he stood there, in bewilderment for about three milliseconds before he realized what was happening. This was Jane Asher, sophisticated, upperclass, actress, crying on HIS shoulder. oh, what a way to get back at Paul! he thought to himself vainly. He put his arms around Jane and whispered...

"I WANNA LIIII-IVE FOR-EH-EH-FER! FAME!" and began to flail his arms about wildly as he broke into an impromptu disco jam. So Jane beat him over the head with a salami until he was near senseless. In this state, he decided that the next things he should do would be to join that great new band, ORGANIZED CHAOS with his great personal friend Zeke Q. Bonura, drop some watermellons off of bridges at cars, and consume a copiuos supply of hoagies and wood alcohol- not necessarly in that order. So he did.

So Paul got together with his new band ORGANIZED CHAOS and they sat around eating hoagies for a while until they then formed a conga line and bobbed up and down out of the studio, down the street, into CoGo's to buy some sunflower seeds, and to the local playground where they were all then arrested due to some inane law against bobbing on merry-go-rounds while eating sunflower seeds. It was mutually agreed that their current prediciment sucked and they all ate sunflower seeds and sang show tunes really loud until the cops beat them all with a salami.

and then that giant foot from those monty python sketches came and crushed everyone. heh, heh, heh.

So Paul was reduced to toe jam, but the rest of that wonderful band ORGANIZED CHAOS was just fine and jovial so it was then mutually argeed that the rest of the story should be dedicated to the many wonderous adventures of Organized Chaos and their incredibly sexy hunk of a lead singer- Bill Danylo. :^)

but it was john's turn to talk. "this is getting bloody self-involved." he said in a low voice.

John snarled the words to himself. He felt Yoko again adjust the neck of his kimono. "Dammit, Mother..I dream the strangest things.." "It's in your've passed into a bad alignment of have to expect some troubled sleep.." But I dream about things that don't make any sense, Yoko...I even melted" She thought hard. "John...John...John...I...."

"I don't know what to say, Lennon...You're making a right fool of yourself." Sally spoke again. "Listen, you...I've had enough of you in my head...ENOUGH!" Blackness. He couldn't lift his eyelids. Silence. None of his life had ever been that deathly silent. He felt himself being dragged away- forced to walk. He moaned. "I don't wanna go...Lemme stay home...I won't break anything...don't leave me alone...don't leave me where they'll come from behind..don't hurt me..." He heard a door slam. He was alone.

"John wake up!!" Yoko wailed, "stop falling asleep--you'll only dream nightmares. I was going to say I'm pregnant again--this time i hope it'll work out." She bent down and kissed John's forehead as he ran his soft fingers through her long black hair. john didn't want to say it but he was scared for it to work out. he wasn't ready to be a father yet. not with all these strange nightmares and his out of control lifestyle. he had already screwed up with julian. it was his worst nightmare- he had become his father. besides, yoko didn't really like children. he didn't think it was a good idea at all. but for some reason yoko was set on having a baby. and it was so difficult when they lost that first baby, he didn't think he could go on. yoko sensed something was wrong.

From this heart-renching scene we now go to the middle of Carnaby Street, 1967. Liam Gallagher has somehow got there and Paul and him are facing off. Each knows that there's only room for 1 of them here. So they do the only manly thing to do-they have a scrap fight. As paul nips on Liam's hand Liam screeches in anger and bashes his gin and tonic over poor Pauly's head. Yes Liam has won and trots over to John's place to give him the best news of his life:Liam's going to join his band.

"It's all right, John...You're gonna be a Mommie..." She smiled, showing her trust. She, with a single sentance, had placed the responsibility in his hands. " do love me" "Still...until I see someone else" He buried his face in her hair. It smelled like strawberries. Wonderfully ripe summer strawberries and sugar and cream. He inhaled deeply. "Mother, I love you." "That's the first you've really said that, John." She was right. No song, no dance, no silly picture. Just simple words and him against her. she would take care of him, he knew that now. he needed to be taken care of for once in his life. he couldn't take care of the baby alone, but with her by his side, they would bring a beautiful baby into the world. his heart became swollen with love and he suddenly longed for the smell of fresh baked bread...

Stu shook him. "Get yer arse outta that bed, if you can call it that!" "What? an arse or a bed?" He rolled over. Bread. His own bread and gravy for turkey. He would bake while Yoko say on her throne in the office. Life was good. Or at least making sense for a moment.

But soon a voice bekoned john back to his wonderful dreams. " what am i suppose to do when i want you in my world.." John was spinning around like a bottle, in the sky which was changing into horrible colours. Images of all the girls he slept with swirled around him, til the faces formed one. " can i want you for myself when already someone's girl.." suddenly the faces disappeared. John was alone is a strange room, a la 2001 space odessey. He sat in this uncomfortable chair, waiting. "John.." John turned around. it was a spirit, with long curly hair, tanned skin, full lips, a long dress that flew everywhere and gold nails. "who are you?" john asked. "i am Rea, goddess of Earth," said the heavenly one. "what is happening to me, Rea?" asked John. "you are paying your dues, It will be over soon enough, but i will try to save you," said Rea. Rea kissed John's forehead, and materialized into a butterfly, guiding John to a garden, & john followed her to somewhere so familiar. the stage.

Back to Yoko... "John, let's name him Sean--it's Japanese for John." She smiled weakly--the pains were beginning. "And what does Ringo mean?" asked John. "Apple" said Yoko, and they both laughed quietly, gazing into each others eyes.

Continued on Feb 05, 1998

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